Theatre Directors: The Female Gaze on Τheatre

Theatre Directors: The Female Gaze

Three iconic female directors: Lola Arias from Argentina, Susanne Kennedy from Germany and Yael Ronen from Israel. This tribute seeks to highlight the active and crucial participation of women in theatre around the world, focusing on their uniqueness, their personal concerns, and their distinct take on art and social reality.

Every production is available online for 48 hours, during which time Greek viewers can send in their questions for the artists to answer, via both the Festival's YouTube channel and its large Facebook community.

In the framework of the Festival, three on-line discussions took place, with Lola Arias, Susanne Kennedy and Yael Ronen.
Lola Arias’ Futureland puts the issue of unaccompanied child refugees in Europe on stage, asking difficult questions about these children’s future and how they themselves envision their lives.

In Three Sisters, Susanne Kennedy uses Chekhov's classic work to explore the concept of time through the Nietzschean idea of repetition, on the one hand, and the tension between our desire for control and need for freedom, on the other.

In Death Positive—States of emergency, Yael Ronen and her company embark on a journey on which they explore the unsettled and uncertain elements of the crisis brought into being by the pandemic. As well as being suddenly and collectively confronted with illness and death, we have had to deal with political and emotional emergencies running the gamut from terror to anger.