1st International Forest Festival

Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Israel, Greece

1st International Forest Festival
The traditional annual meeting of Thessaloniki’s citizens and visitors that is held every summer at the big open-air Forest Theatre will be renewed this year.

In addition to the theatre performances, concerts and dance events hosted every year, a two-week International Festival including selected performances from Greece as well as major productions from abroad will be organized for the first time.

From 1 to 14 July 2017, Forest Theatre as well as other NTNG venues will host 7 performances aiming at highlighting important Greek productions (their presentation in Thessaloniki will be organized in collaboration with the Hellenic Festival) and familiarizing the city’s public with prominent artists and contemporary theatrical approaches from Europe and around the world.

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1st International Forest Festival - Programme

SLOVENIA - Slovensko Ljudsko Gledališče Celje

Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 | Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies | Time: 9:15 pm
Rose Berndby Gerhart Hauptmann

A show that has travelled abroad, presented in international festivals and received outstanding reviews. A classic text in a contemporary staging that is both topical as well as timeless.


SPAIN - Ζero en conducta theatro

Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 | Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies | Time: 9:15 pm
Αllegro ma non troppo

(or ...if love is blind... why is it looking at us?)

The production was presented at the International Puppet Theatre Festival of Sofia and has toured all over Europe. A puppet show that uses object theatre and physical theatre techniques.


ROMANIA - Teatrul National IL Caragiale

Wednesday 5 & Thursday 6 | Dassous Theatre (Forest Theatre) | Time: 9:15 pm
The Tempest

Based on the William Shakespeare’s play

Alexander Morfov, the important Bulgarian director, returns to Thessaloniki with a performance of the Shakespearean masterpiece “The Tempest”  produced by the National Theatre of Bucharest "Ion Luca Caragiale".  In the leading role of Prospero, Ion Karimitrou, the prominent Shakespearean actor and director of the National Theatre of Bucharest.


ISRAEL -  Hanut 31 Theatre

Thursday 6 & Friday 7 | Foyer of the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies | Time: 9:15 pm
Plastic Heroes

Created and performed by: Ariel Doron

The show has travelled to more than 20 cities and festivals in Europe and has received enthusiastic reviews.


POLAND - Teatr Zar Grotowski Institute

Monday 10 & Tuesday 11 & Thursday 13 | Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies | Time: 9:15 pm (10-11/7) | Time: 7:15 pm (13/7)
Medeas. On getting across

Suitable +15

Based on the work of Dimitris Dimitriadis, Yaroslav Fret and Teatr Zar compose a contemporary approach to the old-fashioned myth in a  performance -work in progress- which will be presented for the first time outside of Poland.


POLAND - Teatr Zar Grotowski Institute

Wednesday 12 & Thursday 13 | Vassiliko Theatre | Time: 9:15 pm
Armine, Sister

Suitable +15

A landmark show of  Grotowski Institute’s recent past. It has appeared in dozens of festivals around the world, earning dithyrambic critics.


GREECE - Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Thursday 13, Dassous Theatre (Forest Theatre) | Time: 9:15 pm
Cyclops by Euripides

A masculine, raw, violent world of mutual killing and man-eating, where justice is tantamount to the survival of the fittest. In the land of the Cyclops, the Outsider is neither sheltered nor entertained. Rather, s/he is exploited or devoured. There, one can be neither good nor bad. One can only be either frightened and desperate or merciless and cruel. Euripides’ characters are frivolous, ridiculous, sly, opportunistic, decadent, and savage. They are ridiculed and ridicule others in return. They are crushed and seek to crush others. This purely masculine world is explored through the lens of femininity: through the female body, psychology, and expression. An all-female production which seeks to redress the balance between the serious and the ludicrous, between the genres of splatter horror and comedy.

The text includes excerpts from Odyssey and Theocritus' Cyclops (trans. Pantelis Boukalas).


The International Section of the festival is funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), namely from the Operational Programme of the Region of Central Macedonia 2014-2020.

For the selection of the productions, a three-member committee has already been formed. The committee’s members are: Savas Patsalidis, professor and theatre critic, Maria Tsima, actress and NTNG Deputy Artistic Director and Amalia Kondoyanni, dramaturg and head of the NTNG Literary & International Relations Office.