Theatre Collectives

Rimini Protokoll, La Tristura, Zoukak Theatre Company

Three theatre collectives will be taking part in the 3rd International Forest Festival. Though each has its own unique character, they all share a common quest for an alternative way of working based on collective action. Ultimately, this gives their work a different feel from most contemporary theatre.

Every production is available online for 48 hours, during which time Greek viewers can send in their questions for the artists to answer, via both the Festival's YouTube channel and its large Facebook community.

Watch the on-line discussion with artists from theatre collectives, here.
Remote Thessaloniki is the only live production at the 3rd International Forest Festival. Rimini Protocol present this peripatetic performance by Stefan Kaegi and Jörg Karrenbauer, a project that travels to different cities around the world and explores our relationship with—and reliance on—technology. Site-specific, the performance is organized each time around the different routes and salient characteristics of the host city.

We will be presenting two productions from Lebanon's Zoukak Theater Company. In my heart's eye: The love project uses personal love stories to study how these experiences change the lovers’ view of the world. I Hate Theatre I Love Pornography is an intensely political production which highlights the contradictions, exploitation and corruption of today's world, while commenting on the rise of Far Right governments in the West which invest in fear and exclusionary policies.

Finally, Renacimiento from Spain's La Tristura company creates a performance in which work and democracy are foregrounded and debated in relation to the people working behind the scenes for a theatrical production.