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Remote Thessaloniki

by Stefan Kaegi and Jörg Karrenbauer
The awarded Berlin theatre collective comes to Thessaloniki and marks the opening of the 3rd International Forest Festival. A walking performance through the city, an outstanding experience!
In Remote X, a group of people set off into the city wearing headphones. They are guided by a synthetic voice - as we know them from GPS navigators. The encounter with this artificial intelligence leads the group to perform an experiment on themselves. How are joint decisions made? Who do we follow when we are guided by algorhythms?
Remote X questions artificial intelligence, big data and our predictability. As the project tours from city to city, each new site-specific version builds upon the dramaturgy of the previous city.


On the 10nth and the 18th of September an english version of the performance is available.
Starting Point: Evangelistria Cemetery
Arrival time at the spot: 17.45
For more information: +30 6973556863, from 10.00-15.00
E-mail: [email protected]
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