3rd International Forest Festival

10 - 20 September

International Theatre Stage
Contemporary Quests

Performances from
Brazil, England, France, Hungary, Ireland

Theatre Collectives

Rimini Protokoll, La Tristura, Zoukak Theatre Company

The Female Gaze
on theater

Lola Arias, Susanne Kennedy, Yael Ronen


Person - Vizard – Character International Workshop

Live discussions

Artists from all over the world join the wide community of the 3rdIFF.

19th UTE Festival

Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Romania, Portugal

Theatre Collectives

Rimini Protokoll

Remote Thessaloniki
Stefan Kaegi / Jörg Karrenbauer

Language: English, Greek

The awarded Berlin theatre collective comes to Thessaloniki
and marks the opening of the 3rd International Forest Festival.
A walking performance through the city, an outstanding experience!

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