Britain / Germany

Informed by the logic of Autoteatro performance, The Quiet Volume and Not to Scale by Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells offer a different participatory experience in which the audience is invited to create their own story, step by step in pairs, following instructions delivered via headphones.
NOTE: To participate in The Quiet Volume, reservations for two can be made for specific time slots. The performance is also offered in English for people who do not speak Greek.
The Quiet Volume uses the experience of reading, with its silence and concentration, to create a unique performance in the Autoteatro genre. The performance involves the participation of our co-reader and aspires to induct us into a journey into unexplored parts of our self; along the way, we navigate with our imaginations.
Armed with a few sheets of blank paper, a pencil and an eraser, Not to Scale draws each pair of participants into a journey: the ongoing illustration of a fascinating book. Experimentation and interconnected acts of drawing and listening come to life on paper through the private voice which each of the visitors/co-creators hears individually in this magical action.
Ant Hampton's online lecture, "Autoteatro and Showing Without Going", will introduce the audience to this unique genre of theatre, in which the artists are coordinated remotely. Guiding participants with specific instructions, the creators invite them to create their own unique performance each time.